Certified Screenshot

What does it do?

Certified screenshot lets you secure evidence from the internet. With the click of a button it captures what you see in your browser as well as the code and registration info you don't.

certified screenshot stamp

Certified screenshot provides you with a complete package of captured information:

Screenshot Screenshot showing exactly what you see in your browser
Code Html retrieved both from the client machine and by our secure servers
IP IP addresses of the user and of the website hosting server
WHOIS The domain registration information of the website
Timestamp The exact time and date the screenshot was taken
Integrity Securo technology "notarizes" the capture, guaranteeing the screenshot has not been modified since it was captured

Install it on Chrome now!

Google Chrome Web Store

What does it cost?

The Certified Screenshot plugin is free to install. It comes with 5 free certifications for you to try out. When you need more, you can manage your account and purchase more certifications on Easytimestamping.com with Paypal. The prices for packages of certifications are:

Free Small Medium Large XLarge
price 0 EUR 10 EUR 20 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR
screenshots 5 20 50 200 500