Who uses Securo?

Securo Mobile is fully automatic and simple to use. The high level of security and privacy is particularly useful in the following cases:

  • Accidents and Insurance

    Insurance adjusters, consultants, expert witnesses and policy holders

    • photographic record of damages for insurance claims
    • recording a photo / video inventory of assets for insurance policies against theft / fire / natural disaster
    • reduction of insurance fraud
    Photo CC by Madmaven
  • Real Estate & Construction

    Owners or real estate brokers, engineers, surveyors, contractors, safety officers, agencies for cleaning, gardening, restoration, other services

    • testimony of the state of a property at a specific date and time
    • demonstration of damages due to natural or human causes
    • work progress
    • complaints of incomplete or Insufficient work, evidence of work completed on time
    • compliance with rules and standards
    Photo CC by Concrete Forms
  • Citizen Reporting

    private citizens who want to create reliable evidence of

    • abuses
    • vandalism
    • urban decay
    Photo CC by Mark
  • Copyright

    Artists, musicians, researchers and inventors

    • authorship of intellectual property
    • establishing a precise date of creation
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  • Public and private security

    Police and security officers

    • establishes proof beyond all reasonable doubt
    • limits plausible objections to tickets and sanctions
    • simplification of service duties
    Photo CC by Jackie
  • Other

    Professionals and private users

    • certified reading of utility meters or other analog measurements
    • certification of a precise date of creation
    • safeguarding citizens' property and civil rights
    Photo CC by Brian Cassidy