Securo Mobile

What does it do?

Securo Mobile is an easy-to-use digital photo app. But behind the simple facade is a sophisticated piece of software that adds additional data to the photo file, turning an ordinary picture into incontrovertible digital evidence.

Securo Mobile guarantees:

Integrity the picture has not been modified since it has been captured
Timestamping the exact time and date the image was taken
Privacy the highest level of privacy

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Securo Mobile PRO - Securo

What does it cost?

Securo Mobile costs €1.92 to download and install. It comes with 10 free certifications. When you need more, you can purchase them directly within the app or at after logging in with the same account you used on Securo Mobile. The prices for packages of certifications are:

Small Medium Large XLarge
price 10 EUR 20 EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR
photos 20 50 200 500

Who uses Securo?

Securo Mobile is fully automatic and simple to use. The high level of security and privacy is particularly useful in the following cases:

  • Accidents and Insurance

    Insurance adjusters, consultants, expert witnesses and policy holders

    • photographic record of damages for insurance claims
    • recording a photo / video inventory of assets for insurance policies against theft / fire / natural disaster
    • reduction of insurance fraud
    Photo CC by Madmaven
  • Real Estate & Construction

    Owners or real estate brokers, engineers, surveyors, contractors, safety officers, agencies for cleaning, gardening, restoration, other services

    • testimony of the state of a property at a specific date and time
    • demonstration of damages due to natural or human causes
    • work progress
    • complaints of incomplete or Insufficient work, evidence of work completed on time
    • compliance with rules and standards
    Photo CC by Concrete Forms
  • Citizen Reporting

    private citizens who want to create reliable evidence of

    • abuses
    • vandalism
    • urban decay
    Photo CC by Mark
  • Copyright

    Artists, musicians, researchers and inventors

    • authorship of intellectual property
    • establishing a precise date of creation
    Photo CC by Bigtallguy
  • Public and private security

    Police and security officers

    • establishes proof beyond all reasonable doubt
    • limits plausible objections to tickets and sanctions
    • simplification of service duties
    Photo CC by Jackie
  • Other

    Professionals and private users

    • certified reading of utility meters or other analog measurements
    • certification of a precise date of creation
    • safeguarding citizens' property and civil rights
    Photo CC by Brian Cassidy

How does it work?

When you take a photo, Securo Mobile computes a fingerprint for the image (the file hash) and sends it to the Securo Servers. Then, the Time Stamping Authority digitally signs the fingerprint and the secure timestamp and sends a certificate back to your device, attaching it to your file. The photo can be verified within the app or you can generate full documentation to present in court. The timestamp generated can also be verified with any RFC-3161 standard timestamp reader.

Securo process



SECURO guarantees the objectivity and impartiality of historical reality in a digital image.

GEOM. FRANCESCO DI LEO - Board of Directors of the Italian foundation of Surveyors:

The Securo product will allow an expansion of the number of companies that use, in complete security, the photographic medium as a testimony of their work and its progress that is legally enforceable against third parties. It is very useful on construction sites. It is important to witness the progress of work at a certain date for a proper accounting of the work in which we are involved.