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Securo Srl

The Founders


Marco Rucci

Research & Development

Marco graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Bologna and is completing a PhD in computational mathematics.  Currently he is engaged in a period of research at the University of California Los Angeles.  He has varied experience in academia:  a year of research at the Research Center for Applied Mathematics, tutoring and seminars at the School of Engineering, Engineering II and the Department of Mathematics, at the University of Bologna.  Member of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Bologna. 


Roberto Scatena

Administration & Finance

With a degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Bologna and a Master in the Economics of Culture at the University of Venice, Roberto has always focused on the role of creativity and innovation as the driving force of economic development and value creation. Since 2010 he has devoted himself to Securo.


Laura Jeanne Hornbake

Marketing & Sales

Experienced in research, market analysis and strategic marketing. Laura keeps the Securo team constantly updated on developments in international technology markets. She graduated in History at the University of Rochester, M. Phil. in European History at Columbia University and is completing a PhD in Contemporary History at Columbia University. Her interests are at the intersection of social phenomena, media, technology and urban studies.

Awards and Recognitions


Securo is proud to be part of the We Tech Off incubator: an Aster program that "supports the creation of innovative enterprises in Emilia-Romagna, through the supply of services for potential entrepreneurs and technological start-ups."


Securo particpated in the 11th edition of the Sanpaolo Startup Initiative, June 2011.


Securo was selected for Italia degli Innovatori 2011/2012, a program by the Italian Minister of Innovation selecting enterprises and research institutions to represent the best of Italian technological excellence at the Universal Expo in Shanghai.


Securo is supported by financing from the POR-FESR regional program in "Support for the start-up of new innovative enterprises.":"The 2007-2013 Regional Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund ... has allocated 347 million euro funds... to support the Emilia-Romagna Region to reach the outstanding Lisbon and Göteborg objectives of growth in research and development expenditure, creation of the knowledge society and dissemination of sustainable development."


The Securo founders were beneficiaries of Spinner 2013 programs for the year 2010/2011: "The Global Grant Spinner 2013 "Interventions for the qualification of human resources in the field of research and technological innovation" is the programme established by Emilia-Romagna Region to support young individuals in the field of research and technological innovation and for the creation of a community capable of placing the individual at the core of its innovation processes for future community and knowledge economy development."

European social fund
Ministero di Lavoro
Regione Emilia Romagna